To use your bank’s “bill-pay” feature for your regular giving, set it up as you would anything else that you are paying using the bill pay service.  Use your envelope number as your account number.  Many bill pay sites do not let you itemize your giving (such as $100 for Tithe, $50 for Faith Commitment for a total of $150). If this is the case, you would set up a separate bill pay for each giving designation: one with your envelope number followed by the word Tithe, another with the same envelope number followed by the word Faith, and another with word Building Fund, etc.

You can set up your bill pay to be paid in whatever period you wish: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.  You can also change amounts anytime by editing your bank account online.

The address of the church when you set up your bill pay is:

First Baptist Church Callahan
PO Box 605
Callahan, FL 32011-0605
Telephone: (904) 879-2172

If you have any questions, contact the Financial Assistant at (904) 879-2172.