Saturday Night Life

Basic Info


Where:   Family Life Center (Gym)

When:     Saturdays at 6:30 PM

Why:       to love God, to love those who know Him, and to love those who need Him

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Saturday Night Life FAQ’s

1. What is this?
Church for people who don’t normally go to church. 
2. When is this?
Saturday Nights at 6:30 pm.
3. Where is it?
The Family Life Center of First Baptist Church Callahan (Gymnasium building near Brown street in between Green Ave and 301).
4. What should I wear?
Whatever you like. No dress code.
5. What about my kids?
Childcare with age-appropriate activities will be available for kids from birth through second grade, but your kids are welcome to stay with you if you like. 
6. How long will it last?
It will last about one hour.
7. Does it cost anything?
No. If you would like to give something, you will be able to, but guests are not asked or expected to give. 
8. I grew up in another religion, does that matter?
No. All religions, or lack-there-of, are welcome.