SNLife FAQ – members

Basic Info


Where:   Family Life Center (Gym)

When:     Saturdays at 6:30 PM

Why:       to love God, to love those who know Him, and to love those who need Him

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How to Get Involved

Training sessions are ongoing. For more information, you can sign up online here or call the church office at (904) 879-2172.


Saturday Night Life FAQ’s

Here are a few answers to some of the questions that have been floating around:

1. Who can come to this service?
All are welcome to attend this service.
2. How long will the service last?
The services on Saturday night are scheduled to last one hour. Since the services will end at 7:30, consider taking guests out after services.
3. What time does this service start?
Services will start at 6:30 PM. Doors will open at 6:15 PM.
4. If I go on Saturday night, will I be expected to go on Sundays?
Saturday Nights will be a second option for people to attend services. If you choose to go on Saturday, you will not be expected to attend Worship Services on Sunday unless you just want to. Initially, Bible Fellowship Groups will not meet on Saturday Nights. We strongly encourage you to attend Bible Study on Sunday Morning.
5. If I sign up to help, will I be committing to every week?
No. There is an expectation that volunteers will serve on a rotation, and that new volunteers and leaders will be trained as this service reaches the lost and makes disciples. A few positions will require a weekly commitment, but all positions will have a defined term of service. At the end of that term of service, you will be expected to rotate off, so that others can have an opportunity to serve.
6. For what ages will childcare will be available?
Childcare will be available for children from birth through second grade.
7. Will my children receive some sort of education or is it just babysitting?
Children’s education will be at a level appropriate to their developmental stages.
8. Will my children be able to worship with me, or will they be expected to go to childcare?
Children are always welcome to attend any services at FBC Callahan. Due to the upbeat and interactive nature of the services on Saturday Nights, your kids will likely feel right at home at Saturday Night Life.
9. Will the sermon be the same on Saturday as Sunday morning?
Sermons will be on the same topics and passages. Illustrations might be different to most appropriately connect to the different audiences.
10. Will the Gospel be “watered down” for this service?
By definition, the Gospel of Jesus cannot be watered down, because then it ceases to be the Gospel. The same message will be the same, however the methods of delivery will be different.
11. Why do we need another service?
Callahan is growing. More and more people in Callahan have either no history with God or the church, or have had very bad experiences with traditional churches. To fulfill the command of Jesus to go and make disciples in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the end of the Earth, a new way to reach those in our immediate area who do not have a relationship with Jesus is necessary.
12. Is this service just for young people?
No, all are welcome to attend.
13. What kind of music will be played at this service?
The music will be largely upbeat and contemporary.
14. Will the music be loud?
The music will be at a similar level you might hear at a concert. Not loud for the sake of being loud, but at a level compatible with the style of music being played. At no time will levels get to a point where hearing damage will occur.
15. What about Bible Fellowship Groups?
Bible Fellowship Groups will continue on Sunday Morning. Initially, there will not be any Bible Fellowship Groups on Saturday Nights. As disciples are made, and leadership is developed, small groups will be added.
16. What will happen at the church on Sunday Nights?
Sunday nights will continue as scheduled.
17. Why are the musicians different on Saturday night from Sunday?
Sunday mornings will continue to maintain a high standard of excellence. Knowing the amount of time and energy that goes into maintaining this level of excellence, a different set of musicians was asked to help with Saturday Night Life, so as to not take away any of the resources that go into making Sunday services successful. As a part of the discipleship process, we are trusting God to rise up new musicians from among those who will be reached as a result of the Saturday Service to ultimately fulfill the music needs of Saturday Night Life.
18. Who will be preaching?
Preaching duties will be shared between Lynn Hyatt and Todd Carr. As a general guideline, one series of messages will be preached by Lynn Hyatt, and then Todd Carr will preach the next.
19. Will there be a fellowship after every service?
Due to the timing of the service, there will be ample opportunity for fellowship to happen each week. While there will not be an organized church fellowship in the traditional sense. One of the necessary components for Saturday Night Life to work is for Biblical Fellowship to happen at each service. For some, this might happen on campus, while for others this might include invitation to guests to join them offsite for a meal or other activity.
20. Is there going to be food or snacks available at this service?
Light refreshments such as coffee and cookies will be provided to encourage fellowship.
21. What is the dress code for this service?
Modest and comfortable.