Biblical Counseling will utilize Scriptural Truths to help individuals and families to live an abundant life through the help of the Holy Spirit, and will use the science of Psychology to apply those truths. It is understood that the Holy Spirit is the only One who can help a person truly change, and Biblical Counseling seeks to help explore how He seeks to change hearts and lives. Biblical Counseling at First Baptist Church Callahan is limited to 6-8 sessions. During that time, if it is determined that additional care is needed, appropriate referrals will be made so the counselee can receive additional help.

COUNSELOR NAME: Douglas Hodges, MH12517
COST FOR SERVICE: Services are FREE to members and nonmembers of the church
AGES SEEN: Adolescents and Adults
REASONS FOR VISITS: Depression, grief, marriage, affairs, family, anxiety, pre-marriage, anger, anxiety, boundary issues, stress, and others
REGISTRATION: You can register before your first visit in the office, or save time by registering online.